Sabanci University Microelectronics Workshop



Advanced IR systems need to detect, recognize, identify and track a variety of targets under a 

wide spectrum of atmospheric and exoatmospheric conditions. Their development and 

production has been significantly hindered by the limited availability of high quality materials. 

Over time, the need for the deployment of higher performance, lower cost systems is becoming 

increasingly important for the U.S. to maintain its “ownership of the night.” 


The progress of HgCdTe MBE technology has been very significant over the last few years. In 

this overview, we will first discuss state-of-the-art HgCdTe MBE systems, then review the 

structural, optical and electrical properties of MBE-grown HgCdTe layers that are available 

today. In addition, various types of devices that have been fabricated with MBE-grown HgCdTe 

are described. Finally we will discuss future directions and challenges to the perfection of 

HgCdTe MBE technology for advanced focal plane array applications. 


Vice President: Operations and Business Development.
EPIR Technologies Inc.